Inman Aligner - Removable Quick Braces in Plymouth
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Inman Aligner

Straight teeth in a few weeks!
Inman Aligner Before After
Inman Aligner Before After
Inman Aligner Before After
All the above Inman Aligner cases are treated by our dentist

We offer Inman Aligner quick braces in Plymouth.


Inman Aligner works quick – most cases are completed in about twelve to sixteen weeks.


You can take the braces out yourself to clean your teeth and keep them healthy.


Inman Aligner uses gentle forces and is a safe option to align front teeth.

Straight front teeth

Inman Aligner can straighten the four front teeth by moving them to ideal positions.

Easy Payment Option

You have the option to spread the cost of your treatment over a few months.

Free Consultation

We offer a complimentary consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator.

I am over the moon with the change in my teeth. – Sarah S
Krish explained the options I had in detail and provided me with all the information I needed to know. During the treatment any small problems or questions I had were quickly dealt with. Being my first time with private dentistry I found the quality of service, treatment and dentistry to exceed what I was expecting. – Michael S
Inman Aligner Certified User

Our dentist is a certified user of Inman Aligner.