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General Dentistry for the entire family

We have been providing general dental care for over 60 years in Plymouth. Being a city centre practice with great transport links, we are very popular with a client base that includes thousands of patients from Plymouth and surrounding areas. All treatment provided has a preventive, minimally-invasive and aesthetic approach.


The general dental services we provide include
Routine Check-up

We recommend 6-monthly check-ups to ensure your teeth stay healthy and we spot any problem at the earliest. Most problems are easier and simpler to treat in early stages. Our routine check-ups include jaw joint assessment, lymph nodes assessment, mouth cancer screening, assessment of gums, check of teeth to rule out decay, tooth wear, cracks etc., and assessment of existing fillings, crowns etc. to make sure they are sound.

Digital Radiographs

X-rays are carried out as needed following the recommended national guidelines to help with the assessments. Being digital, the dose exposure is very low compared to traditional x-rays.

Hygiene Therapy

Hygiene sessions ensure that tartar deposits, which harbour bacteria and could be harmful to the gum health, are removed professionally. Our hygienist will also provide personalised hygiene instructions to help you maintain optimal gum health. Usually, we recommend six-monthly or three-monthly hygiene visits, as needed in individual cases.

Periodontal Treatment

This applies to existing gum disease. During periodontal treatment sessions, measures are taken to debride the harmful deposits under the gums that advance gum disease. Steps are also taken to ensure you can maintain the gum health.

Root Canal Treatment

When the nerves in a tooth are irreversibly affected, root canal treatment is required to save the tooth and relieve your symptoms. We use the latest techniques and instruments to get the best results.


Sometimes a tooth will need to be taken out. We do routine and surgical extractions (of broken roots) in our practice. All efforts are taken to make sure it is as atraumatic as possible.


Whether you need replacement of failing fillings, or a new one to fix a specific problem, we provide a choice of different fillings. This includes invisible fillings that do not show as fillings in the mouth.


Broken or vulnerable teeth that need protection can be made functional with one of the different types of crowns we provide. This includes aesthetic crowns that do not stand out differently in the mouth.


Bridge is an option to replace missing teeth and is carried out over 2 visits. We also provide aesthetic bridges that do not stand out differently in the mouth.


A denture is a removable option to replace missing teeth. We provide acrylic, chrome and valplast dentures in our practice.

Children's Dentistry

We welcome children in our practice. Children under 18 years of age are treated on the NHS scheme, so there is no charge for their dental care. We also run a popular Kids Club for children registered with our practice.

I'd highly recommend this practice to all my friends and family. I am confident that they will always receive the same high standard of care that we did! - Jodie D
Having been a child in pre-NHS days, and not seeing a dentist until I was 8 years old, I did not grow up with healthy teeth. A series of unsympathetic dentists for most of my adult life did not make things much better, and I always dreaded having to explain that I had not carelessly neglected my teeth whenever I went to a different dentist. Krish is the most sympathetic and caring dentist I have ever had. He is careful to explain all procedures, is always cheerful, I now have full confidence that he will respect my sensitivities to dentistry. Thank you. - Rosemary D
Krish did not try and 'sell' me something that I did not require. He was honest from the day one and during visits I always ask questions about my teeth in order to gain knowledge and understanding of their condition and appropriate treatment. Krish always finds the time to explain things in lay terms so that I may understand them. Dentistry is expensive and I need to know that the cost is justified in order to achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums. I am totally confident that my teeth are well looked after. - John A