Free Consultation - Clark House Dental
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Free Consultation

We believe that every problem needs a unique and bespoke approach with the best possible option, without compromising the health, function, and aesthetics of your teeth.

We offer free consultations with our Treatment Co-ordinator to discuss the options available to enhance your smile.
What happens during our free consultation?

  • You will fill our confidential medical & smile questionnaire, which helps us ensure that you receive safe treatment and we meet your expectations.
  • Our Treatment Co-ordinator will hear your concerns and what you are aiming to achieve. We strongly believe that we could provide the best outcome by involving our patients right from the start.
  • The options available to enhance smiles will be discussed. This will include advantages, disadvantages, timescale, required visits, fees etc.
  • We will show pictures, models of similar cases and ensure that you receive all the information so that you can make an informed decision.
  • The Treatment Co-ordinator may take photos, impressions etc. to present your case to our dentist and confirm the options available for you.
  • The Treatment Co-ordinator will co-ordinate your treatment by arranging visits with our dentist to achieve your dream smile.

I had always been too nervous to get braces, but after great recommendations I came for a consultation and I am so pleased I did. Thank you all! – Jennifer R

* A deposit of £10 is required when you book your free consultation. This is fully refundable when you attend the appointment, but is not refundable if you fail to attend the appointment exclusively reserved for you.