Kids Club - Clark House Dental
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Thumbs Up Kid

Kids Club

Traditionally, a visit to the dentist was not something that many people enjoyed. With the latest techniques and approach, dentistry is no longer a daunting experience but the negative image has stayed on. At Clark House Dental, we want to change how the next generation perceives dental care and we do this successfully with our Kids Club.

Positive attitude

Kids Club encourages positive attitude to dental care through our welcome pack, toothbrushing chart, tooth timetable etc.

Competitions and Prizes

Regular Kids Club competitions are held and our Kids Club members show their artistic skills to win exciting prizes.

Healthy teeth

With the fun aspects and positive approach of our Kids Club, we aim to instill preventive habits that keep teeth healthy.

The kids club is a great initiative and motivator for children to look after their teeth and learn about good oral hygiene. My daughter likes going to Clark House Dental so much she was quite disappointed when she accompanied me for my hygienist appointment recently, as she wanted to see the dentist again as well - she had only been a few weeks prior! – Zoe C
The kids club is great! On our first visit we received a dental passport, lots of fun things for us to do and some fun facts on how to take better care of our teeth. The best part of kids club is the competitions! - Jodie D
Kids Club is free to join and is exclusively available to the children (aged 2 to 14) of patients registered with Clark House Dental.